Social return

At Vermaat, we think everyone is unique and strive to be an inclusive employer. We offer employment to job seekers with a distance to the labor market. The fact that we take social return seriously is evident from our CSR objective: by the end of 2022, 7% of our workforce will consist of people distanced from the labor market.

Collaborating and guiding

 We do a lot to find the right candidates. For example, we work closely with municipalities, the UWV, various SW companies and The Colour Kitchen Academy. 

 In addition, within our own Vermaat Academy there is a separate Social Return learning line for our practical supervisors and a knowledge center has been set up.To supervise this well, Vermaat has a team of internal job coaches. They know the importance of both the candidate and the organization and therefore know how to coordinate everything well. 

The team consists of five certified internal job coaches who operate as advisors and experts in the field of social return (and inclusion) within Vermaat.Curious what it is like to work as a social returner at Vermaat? Watch Bianca's video here.

Jobcoach at Vermaat

"A good match and guidance are important to us. This is true for regular employees and therefore also for the broad target group. We take them along in the regular process, but we take into account other needs of the target group. And of course we think with them!"

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