Who we are

Started in 1978 as a delicatessen. Now grown into the specialist in customized catering and, in the process, one of the largest catering employers in the Netherlands with some 400 locations throughout the country. Our catering is almost always under someone else's roof: within various companies, at airports, museums, hospitals, zoos and much more.

Food vision

Every day we prepare and serve delicious dishes with which we want to make a positive impact on our health, society and our world. Not only for ourselves, but also for our guests and clients. In order to be an ever healthier, more sustainable and more social catering company, we have set ourselves goals. 

We have laid these down in our Food Vision 2022. With this, we are making a step-by-step difference at every location. And that results, for example, in more sustainable operations in which the guest can eat even more healthily. Together, we are making a positive contribution to the world of food and drink.


The world of food and beverages is changing at a lightning pace. We’re changing too; in fact, we’re way ahead of the change. One of our priorities is to invest in innovations that make life easier and more enjoyable and satisfying. In addition to being a pioneer in developing hospitality models based on circular-economy principles, Vermaat is also the benchmark when it comes to our environmental footprint and a trendsetter in the culinary arts.

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