If you’d like to work in the hospitality sector, but not in operations, the Vermaat head office may be the perfect place for you. With a team of around 200 committed employees working out of our IJsselstein head office, we support roughly 400 Vermaat sites throughout the Netherlands in areas such as Marketing, Formula Management and Purchasing, as well as HR, Recruitment, Finance, Sales and IT.

Dedicated to service

Since we were established in

1978, we’ve evolved from a gourmet grocery store into a leading company

specializing in hospitality and retail services. From our corporate head

office, we work hard and with a lot of passion and enthusiasm to put Vermaat on

the map as a partner for customized hospitality. Nice going!

We refer to our head office as the ‘Service Office’, because it’s from here

that we fully support our locations and employees throughout the country. We

maintain the same high standards of customer service here as we do at all our

other sites.

Enthusiastic Team

If you like being part of a dedicated and close-knit team, you should definitely consider a job in corporate food and hospitality services. Since you’ll be working with the same team each time, you will interact closely with them and develop real relationships.


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