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As an employee at Happy Seafood at Schiphol Plaza, you work in a lively environment where fresh fish and seafood take center stage. With a smile, you serve delicious, high-quality dishes to travelers seeking a flavorful experience. You're part of an enthusiastic team that provides the best service every day. Welcome to Happy Seafood, where quality and hospitality come together for an unforgettable dining experience!

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You'll join a young and close-knit team, all sharing their love and passion for seafood. Together, you work daily to enhance guest experiences and achieve goals. Will you come aboard with us?

Your job

A motivated and hospitable team, a neatly kept and clean location, and a delightful assortment. That's what passengers experience when you're working as a floormanager.

As the right hand of the hospitality manager, you're committed to sending every passenger off with a satisfied feeling. You're responsible for the daily operation and serve as the point of contact for the team and guests. You do this together with the other floormanagers, so you're not alone. When it gets busy or flights are delayed, you don't panic: you maintain overview and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Further insight into your tasks:

  • Vision for excellent hospitality.
  • Scheduling, administration, and ordering.
  • Jumping into operations when necessary.
  • Contributing ideas for actions to attract more guests and improve the assortment.

Your ingredients

  • You have several years of leadership experience in the hospitality industry.
  • Leading and inspiring colleagues energizes you.
  • With your knowledge and creativity, you're adept at catering to different guests and constantly seek innovation and development.
  • You're hospitable and ensure they can enjoy themselves at our location. This gives you a lot of energy.

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