Dishwashing employee Amstelhoeck (Ref. 3352)

Your job

"Good morning! You arrive at your sink kitchen. After a nice cup of coffee and some catching up with colleagues, you put on your company clothes; you're ready to pop! You ensure that the washing kitchen runs smoothly by:

  • Rinsing the dishes.
  • Filling the dishwasher.
  • Putting the clean dishes back in the right place.
  • Keeping the kitchen clean.

You make sure that there are no meter long files of dishes. In between you help your colleagues to keep the restaurant clean and tidy. Before you leave, everything is back in its rightful place and the kitchen shines like never before! Colleagues are only too happy to have you around, because you always keep your head above water.

Your ingredients

  • Keeping the kitchen going; working as a dishwasher suits you.
  • You know that working in the dishwashers can be physically demanding. You see running as an advantage; it saves you a night of sports!
  • You radiate enthusiasm. Your smile is contagious and makes both the guests and your team even happier.
  • Regular guests, regular team and regular work / office hours; working in the hospitality is just your thing.

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