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McKinsey & Company in Amsterdam. Here, we provide a lunch restaurant and a Working Café. At the lunch restaurant, we have space for 250 guests and offer various vega(n) dishes. At the Working Café, two baristas are on hand daily to serve the tastiest coffees and delicacies. At McKinsey & Company, we also have several meeting rooms for which we provide banqueting services. This location is easily accessible by public transport and open Monday to Friday between 07:00 - 17:00.

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The catering manager manages the team of 11 enthusiastic colleagues on a daily basis. At this location, we have a chef, sous chef, independent working chef, dishwashers, catering/banqueting staff and baristas.

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Good morning! With a fresh mood, you start your workday. After catching up with colleagues, you’re ready to shine behind your coffee bar. With your cheerful demeanor and coffee expertise, you create exquisite cappuccinos, macchiatos, or latte art. You enjoy chatting with guests about coffee or simply discussing today’s weather. And even better, the guests now recognize you. Amidst helping and advising guests, you ensure that the coffee bar remains clean and tidy.

In the afternoon, you have a quick chat with your manager about your idea for a temporary coffee special. Together, you brainstorm whether this product or other offerings will make the coffee bar even more appealing. You’re happy that today you’ve once again made guests smile

Your ingredients

You have some experience in creating beautiful coffees. You are a certified barista or would like to become one. We can describe you as a go-getter. By this, we mean that you notice when the treats are running low and promptly replenish them. You see when something needs to be done. You are hospitable and ensure that guests can enjoy a delightful cup of coffee. Seeing satisfied guests energizes you.

If these ingredients don’t fully align with you, at Vermaat, we welcome everyone and embrace our differences. If, for any reason, you feel distant from work, our Job Coaches are available to connect with you through our Social Return page.

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