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The Uber location is centrally located in Amsterdam Zuid. Our daily service includes providing breakfast, lunch, a delicious snack, and maintaining and replenishing pantries for around 600 guests. We also offer mega drinks every Thursday and, upon request, facilitate other events for Uber's guests. In addition to preparing and serving innovative dishes, we place great importance on sustainability and waste reduction. This location is open Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 19:00, excluding events.

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The team consists of 25 enthusiasts who love to bring out the best in each other every day.

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"Good morning!" You've woken up on the right side of the bed and are ready to shine.

You prepare the restaurant 100% for one of the most important moments of the day: lunch. You assist in preparing all the smoothies, salads, sweet snacks, and sandwiches.

Then, it's lunchtime! You see businesspeople looking for a leisurely lunch, a group of interns grabbing a quick bite, and various other colleagues enjoying their lunch break. You greet the guests with your open, enthusiastic, and interested personality. And even better, the guests already know you by now. In between, you might help with the cash register or prepare a cappuccino with a beautiful heart on top.

After lunch, you start cleaning up, preparing for the next day, and making some (meeting) people happy with a cup of coffee, a snack, or a drink. Thanks to your friendly service, everyone is very satisfied, and you receive several compliments.

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  • Preferably, you already have some experience in hospitality, but even as an emerging talent, you are welcome with us. You feel at home in the hospitality industry.
  • You know that working in hospitality can be physically demanding.
  • You always go the extra mile, especially when it comes to hospitality and service.
  • The way to the heart is through the stomach when it comes to food and drink.
  • At Vermaat, safety is fundamental. Our guests can count on a food-safe environment because you take it seriously every day.

Do the ingredients not completely match you? At Vermaat, we welcome everyone and embrace our differences. Do you, for any reason, experience a distance to work? Our Job Coaches would love to get in touch with you via our Social Return page.

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Welcome to Vermaat!

Started in 1978 as a deli. Now grown into the specialist in tailor-made catering and one of the largest catering employers in the Netherlands with more than 500 locations throughout the country. Our restaurants can be found in various companies, at airports, museums, hospitals, zoos and much more.

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