Your menu

We are proud of our colleagues. They surprise our guests and clients every day. That's why we have great terms of employment on our menu. Many of these conditions are laid down in the hotel and catering collective labor agreement, but of course we offer you more. Read below what that is!

Vermaat's parties

Every year we organize a big Vermaat party with all our colleagues. But not only that. We also celebrate our successes with sports events, team outings and online competitions such as a European Championship pool with great prizes of course. 

Salary, bonuses and deals

A nice salary in your account every four weeks. And do you grow in function? Then your salary grows along with it! Besides salary you will receive vacation allowance, travel allowance, a start bonus of €250,- and a friends bonus of €250,- when you recommend someone and they are hired.

On our platform 'Vermaat for you' you will find all kinds of great deals. How about discounts on the best hotels, free tickets to the zoo or tasty restaurant deals? You can also do your bit by volunteering within the hours you already work and therefore get paid.

Vermaat Academy

We have talent programs to help you grow. You can also grow on a personal level. Improve your leadership skills, learn to work safely or become the best teacher at Vermaat through the (online) workshops.


With our onboarding program you get a glimpse into the world of Vermaat on a substantive and social level. Every six months we also organize an Inspiration Market where you can taste the most delicious dishes from our suppliers.


And that's not all, of course. Check out the latest news and tastiest food trends in the Vermaat app, or relax on the couch with the Mgzn that comes out four times a year. Discover it yourself and apply for a job at Vermaat!

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